Why be the same as everybody else? Being different is cool. As a web developer, I put this concept into practice with every project I create. My name is Tim Sarvey. Welcome.

My name is Tim Sarvey. I am a web developer with a passion for clean design that also stands out from the crowd. Since 2009, I have been developing websites and applications. I am currently for hire to create your next Wordpress site! Check out some of my projects below.Believe it or not, I come from a musical background. In 2008, I graduated from IUP with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Ed. I continued my education with a Master's Degree in Music Tech from IUPUI. During my time as an educator, I was a substitute teacher, Assistant Band Director, and, of course, freelance developer. It wasn't until my master's degree that I discovered my love for developing. Fast forwarding to today, I now have a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from UMass. I have 3 young boys who always keep life interesting. My wife, Christine, is my Wordpress consultant and is great to work with!
My strongest languages are HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. I specialize in Wordpress and use my technical background to get your site up quickly and efficiently.I have experience with jQuery, jQueryUI, Ajax, AngularJS 1.x, and Twitter-Bootstrap. Again, I am open to any framework or library. It is always fun to see what options are out there and to see what they offer! As far as my editing enironmnet is concerned, I use Sublime, Git, GitHub, Gulp, and SASS (just to name a little bit).